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Tips for SEO

Whether it's Google, or Bing, your corporate identity needs as much optimisation as it can possibly get.

If you live in Australia, work in Australia and have a business in Australia, it is imperative that you follow a couple of simple rules to get your brand out there.

1) Add your profile to social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc

2) Create a site with your exact keyword or name domain, and add useful and unique content.

3) Use paid search to enhance your site visibility. Adwords and alike are business must-have advertising placements, unless you are Marketing Eye and you have a search engine optimisation genius onboard.

4) Take inventory of all of your existing sites. Determine if they are properly optimised for your target brand or name keyword set. If not, start filling in the gaps with optimised pages, and optimised title and meta elements.

5) Use various optimised digital assets - particularly video. Make it useful, educational or at the very least entertaining.

6) Write useful content and establish yourself or your company as an expert, either for your own website, or for other blogs. Good content naturally finds itself at the top of the search results, and its creators are often rewarded with link citations, writer profile pages and high rankings as a result.

7) Link strategically. Adding incoming links from other websites to increase the page rank. The higher the page rank the more likely the page will appear at the top of the search results.

8) Leverage your good domain for search benefits by creating a subdomain for your target term. Add valuable and useful content. Corporate sites should seriously consider architecting around subdomains, as they are treated as separate domains by search engines.

9) Create a profile on various social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook.

10) Send out a press release to drive visitors to your site.

11) Update your website frequently.

12) Publish your website address - everywhere! Ensure all marketing material and literature promotes your website.

13) Introduce your website to various discussion forums, blogs and social networking websites to drive more traffic.

14) Hit and Miss searches - Finding anything online can be difficult because amongst the clutter of companies that spend money on optimisation and adwords, its getting harder to see good from bad.

Just because a company invests in Adwords and SEO, doesn't mean that they are the best. In fact, quite the contrary. How often do you click through from a Google Adwords advertisement to a poorly designed site that does nothing they say they do in their advertisement? In my case, far too many.

We decided, for now anyway, that as a company Marketing Eye would focus on just search engine optimisation, a free but effective medium.

Having said this, I know of companies that swear by Adwords and have had significant increase in traffic and sales through this medium. But perhaps, as marketing is such a wide area of service delivery, there are far too many competitors and translations of the word, that marketing companies often get lost.

If only one search engine, charged companies like ours to list, and then when you search, you get exactly what you have asked for.
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