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Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

An easy way to get and stay in touch with your customers is Email Marketing. Mostly this includes newsletters and direct emails. Our team based in Sydney is specialised in this aspect of marketing.

Let us organise your experience in all the advantages email marketing has to offer like increasing your brand awareness and finding out who reads your emails with analytics.

This is what we can do for you;

   1. We will help you put the content together to make sure people will read your email
   2. We will design the email lay-out
   3. We will make sure all different mail providers can read it
   4. We will get your email through all spam filters
   5. We will help you with the analytics of the emails

Strategic email marketing services can achieve incredible results for companies looking to build their brand and create lead generation.

Our Sydney based marketing agency develops creative and target market-centric email marketing services that engage your prospects and lead them to your website.

All email marketing services are integrated campaigns that support your company branding, positioning and key messages.

Email Marketing Design

Ensure that your Email Marketing campaign is based on your company brand and looks great. A recent marketing survey conducted by Marketing Eye Sydney, confirmed that most people read email marketing correspondence simply because of the way it looks.

Consider the layout of your email marketing campaign, choice of pictures, readability and accessibility - and your next email marketing promotion will be a success.

Remember to engage your prospects, make sure the information is what they are interested in and adhere to spamming laws.

To speak to a Marketing Eye Digital today, call 1300 300 080 or contact us online.

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