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Web developers contract to clients

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Leading digital marketing company, Marketing Eye Digital, has announced that the company will be providing clients with an in-house developer for large projects and monthly updates.

Rather than hire a web development firm and pay retail rates, companies are now able to have a web developer as part of their team for large projects or for 4 days per month, to update their websites with content and complete search engine optimisation.

This new way for companies to work with experienced web developers will assist companies that do not have the funds to hire a full time developer, but would like many of the advantages of having a person who thinks as part of the team and understands the company's culture and direction.

"Hiring companies to do monthly updates and SEO is something that is important, but can just as easily be done by having the web developer in-house, working with the team," said Mellissah Smith, Marketing Eye Digital, Director.

"The true advantage is cost and the ability to understand the company's requirements in a more intimate environment than if an outsourced digital marketing or web development company has been used.

"Although this model has similarities to the traditional contracting arrangement, it does have the advantage that these people are not freelancers, but are company employed and are trained to work as part of our client's team.

"The fact that it is so cost-effective and marketing managers can now work a lot more closely with their developers is integral to the entire marketing outfit."

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