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Why Ongoing SEO is important

Tuesday, 01 June 2010 11:35 Written by  Marketing Eye Digital
Many website owners have misconceptions about the Search Engine Optimization. They believe that website search engine optimization is only a one time job which is done when their website is launched first time. They think of search engine optimization as a science which provides the expected out comes once it is done.

In fact, it is quite opposite. Search Engine Optimization is an art, not a science. It’s an ongoing task which requires frequent updates in website content and SEO related elements. It requires a lot of research to get a good rank for a keyword on a Search Engine.

Analytics and optimizer tools are used to confirm the quality of current keywords. If current keywords or website content has poor quality, it is improved by adding/editing pages to high quality content. You can also search which keywords are bringing in more traffic from Search engines and which keywords have poor quality. Tools such as Google Analytics and Google optimizer help an SEO specialist to figure out that how quality of certain keywords can be improved to bring in more customers.  

In addition, frequent changes by SEO companies in their program can suddenly drop the rank of current website. If an SEO specialist is looking after your website he would know the current changes by SEO companies and keep updating your website according to their SEO standards.

“Marketing Eye monthly SEO” program takes care of your ongoing SEO by providing following on-going SEO services.Checking the Keywords quality and improving them.
  1. Analysing the incoming traffic using analytical and optimising tools and improving SEO to achieve the targeted goals of a website.
  2. Collecting qualitative and quantitative data to provide information about the people visiting your website from different geographical regions, monthly hits, importance of each page etc.
  3. Providing access to Google analytics or tool of your choice so that you can see the improvements made in SEO.
  4. Frequent updates in SEO techniques to liaise with SEO Company’s current algorithm.
  5. Importing quality links to increase the page rank of your website. Higher the page rank, higher will be the incoming traffic.
  6. Optimising and frequently updating your website to get a higher rank in the following famous Search engines;
    1. Google
    2. Bing
    3. Yahoo Search
    4. Altavista
    5. Cuil
    6. Lycos
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