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Facebook: Emerging As a Keeper?

Monday, 31 October 2011 10:19 Written by  Marketing Eye Digital

What do you think? Will Facebook have the same fate as MySpace had? Or is Facebook emerging as a keeper? The opinions range a lot. One says the concept will soon be out-dated, the other says Google+ will take over the world eventually and another says Facebook will keep adjusting to the needs and get even more popular.

At first I thought Facebook wouldn’t last forever, but with the latest developments after the launch of Google+, I call lists instead of circles, improved private settings and a new lay-out, I’m not sure anymore. If Facebook keeps adjusting their settings to the world’s needs, they could emerge as a keeper.

But then again I’m curious about what Google+ next steps will be. Off course they have the advantage that they are already very popular with other features like Gmail, Google Maps and many more. I think eventually these programs will be installed on Google+ and this will make it harder for Facebook to compete. Facebook is never going to get the licence to use these programs, so they will have to come up with other features to keep us happy.

What will it be in the future; will Google+ take over the as the leader? Will Facebook hold our interest?  Or will a whole new social network be invented? I can’t wait to find out!

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