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5 Best Websites

Monday, 31 October 2011 10:21 Written by  Marketing Eye Digital

What you think is a good website is a matter of personal taste, but there are something’s that have nothing to do with taste. Obviously what you think are good websites depends on whether there style attracts you, but not only design is important for a website. There are so much more things people experience as annoying when visiting a website. So which requirements does your website have to meet?

  1. Have clear navigation; nothing is more frustrating than knowing what you need is on the page, but not being able to find it.
  2. Provide relevant content; this sounds obvious but is forgotten many times. Use the language of you target audience and be clear on what you are offering.
  3. Design; the design makes or breaks the website. Use a pleasant lay-out and not too many bright colours or complex designs; otherwise it will make it hard for visitors to know where to start.
  4. Browser; be sure your website can be displayed with every browser. A visitor isn’t going to change his browser just to see your website.
  5. Contact details; many companies refuse to put their details on their website, but a visitor wants to be able to react. Be sure there are an address, phone number and email on your website.

Just for the picture, this is how you must not do it and this is an example of a really good website.

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